Complete Dog Grooming

When your Woof needs a full Spa service, the Complete Woof Grooming provides: Hair Cut, Ear cleaning and Plucking, Nail clipping, Bath, Towel and Blow Dry, Sanatory Trim and Brush.

Cat Grooming

  • Brushing
  • Nail Trim
  • Dry Shampoo & Blow Dry
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Face, Feet & Tail Haircut
  • Extra Scissoring, Clipping
    or Brushing
  • *We don't wash cats, we use a dry shampoo method*

Bath and Tidy

When is not necessary to have a complete haircut, Bath and Tidy is the option to go... Ear cleaning, Nail clipping, Bath, Towel and Blow Dry, Sanatory Trim, Brush and Light Trims on the feet and cleaning up around the eyes and face.

Dematting Service

You don't need to shave your Woof just because he has tangles and knots... Dematting service will remove the tangles and make him look pretty again... Dematting is composed by a special Dematting Shampoo and a careful dematting brush process in order to remove the tangles.

*Dematting is not possible in all cases. We try our best while safe for the dog and groomer.

De-shedding Service

And then comes that season when your Woof is shedding and leaving hair all over the house... Deshedding services is composed by: A special Deshedding Bath Shampoo and conditioner followed by Furminator special brushing that guarantees reduce shedding up to 90%.

Additional Services:

Teeth Brushing

With special dog tooth paste we will brush your pooch teeth for that special smile.

Ear Cleaning

If you pick a service that does not include ear cleaning/plucking you can add the ear cleaning service as an A la carte service

Special Behaviour Dogs

Extra charges may apply for dogs with difficult behaviour.

Tip of the Week:

Cleaning ears is an often forgotten task on dog's home grooming ,but regular maintenance of the ear canal is a crucial part of dog's health.

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My miniature American Eskimo does not like going to the groomers and I found the mobile service very convenient.
Lucio is very professional and nice with Pookie. He did an amazing job and knew exactly what I wanted. Thank you for making making the grooming experience so pleasant and convenient.

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